Funeral Coverage in Ontario

Death is the last ‘Right of Passage’ in our society. Funerals are the rituals or celebration that marks death as the last right of passage. Funeral costs can cause a great amount of grief for families that are without adequate Life Insurance coverage. The average cost of a Funeral in Canada is steadily increasing each year & vary depending on the city you wish to be buried in. In fact, just as the cost of living has increased significantly over the years, so has the cost of dying. If you purchased a small amount of funeral coverage over the last 10-20 Years, you may need to consider increasing that amount of coverage to factor in inflation and rising costs. Depending on the type of funeral you would like, costs may vary significantly depending on each individual’s preferences. Funeral costs include:

  • Grave plots, grave markers and headstones, caskets, vaults, funeral service, graveside ceremony, flowers, musicians, additional music, Professional/administrative services and transportation vehicles.

If you plan to be cremated, the costs will be far less, approximately less than $5,000. There will not be a need to purchase a grave plot or casket and ashes can be scattered or kept in an urn. An urn can be purchased for approx. $150-$400.

Coverage amount
If you plan on simply buying enough Life insurance to cover your funeral costs, we can help customize a plan to fit your needs accordingly and help eliminate the financial burden that your loved ones might incur if you died without coverage. Please keep in mind that this funeral coverage does not include other final expenses that you may incur. Final expenses can include personal debts, mortgages, estate taxes, probate fees etc.

When death occurs in another country or Province the cost of transporting the body should also be considered. Many Canadians have chosen to retire in warmer climates and shipping the body back to Canada can be very costly & should be factored into the amount of Life Insurance purchased.